Tory Woollcott 

is a Canadian writer and artist based in Toronto. Her graphic novel, Mirror Mind, recounts her experiences growing up with dyslexia.  She is now a graduate from the University of Toronto with an Honors BA, in archeology and near eastern studies. and is working on her next book.

Tory has since become an advocate for dyslexia awareness, and she has appeared on CBC Radio's Metro Morning, Ontario Morning, and Canada AM alongside a feature story by the Toronto Star. She has spoken at several events including Word on the Street and Right to Read, as well as at the University of Toronto and a variety of public schools around the city.


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• Nice Things Said About Me •

"One of the most exciting reads from this year's MoCCA Festival is Tory Woollcott's graphic memoir 'Mirror Mind.' It chronicles some of her experiences growing up with dyslexia. Her book also includes a host of resources for those who want to learn more about dyslexia."

- The Best Comics from the 2010 MoCCA Art Festival The Daily News.

“MIRROW MIND was like walking through my own troubled childhood learning experience.  Tory tells the story of her struggles to read with clarity, passion, and skill.  In the end, she learns, as I did, that dyslexia doesn’t define us, it amplifies us.”  
- Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

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